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For the first time in airgun history, there exists a rifle that offers the power and precision of a precharged pneumatic, with the convenience of a spring-piston gun. Never before has a rifl e offered such easy access to precharged performance, without the need for air tanks and charging kit. The Independent incorporates proven FX pump technology in a hi-tech rifl e that truly sets the shooter free.

In the 12 ft.lbs. version, choose to prime the rifle’s chamber with a single easy pump per shot, or fully prime the Independent and shoot 24, full-power shots without re-pumping!


With the hi-power version in .22 calibre, three pumps gets you a full 30 ft.lbs. and priming the cylinder produces 6 shots without re-pumping.


Fitted with a precision pressure gauge, the Independent allows the shooter to run the rifle at optimum accuracy for every shot, and, thanks to the world renowned FX pump system, those pumps are so easy you won’t believe it.


Recoilless, match accurate, superbly built and easy to use, the FX Independent is the only rifle that gives the shooter this degree of performance, freedom and choice.


The FX Independent – there’s nothing like it in the world!

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